On the 7th day of the Holidays...

“On the (oh my what day is it??) 7th day of the holidays the unapologetically me RD gave to me...7 scales a smashing!!” 

Have you ever smashed a scale??  Taken a sledgehammer and smashed that small square into a million trillion pieces??  If you haven’t I highly recommend it. There is something amazing that happens when you rid your world of your oppressor. It can be so freeing. And so scary all at the same time.  

In reality we don’t need a home scale. What does it actually tell you?  Besides your relation to gravity on this earth. It doesn’t tell you how kind you are, how much you love or the difference you make in the world. What it does is make you fixate on a number. It can make you value your worth in that number. I have worked with people whose happiness for a whole day is wrapped up in this number. Imagine the freedom of your day starting off with a warm cup of coffee (or tea or whatever you love), maybe a few quiet minutes of reflection or a slow stretching series. What if your morning was about self nourishment not waiting for the scale to tell you how to feel. 

I have always felt that many but not all people weigh themselves wthout realizing what they are actually measuring. When I worked in a clinic setting with kids with type 1 diabetes the doctors would weigh the kids every 3 months (this is determined to be best practice however there are about 6 blog posts brewing in my brain on this topic). So I started asking kids of different ages what they thought was being measured on the scale. The answers ranged from “I have no idea” to “whether I am healthy” to “it measures my fat”. This always concerned me because many homes have scales that kids may step on and start measuring their self worth. So whenever scale weight started being talked about I would say “ your bones and your teeth and your blood and your hair and your toenails and your skin and your muscles and (I would always ask them what we should add-there is a demographic that ALWAYS said poop!) that is what was weighed on the scale. They were always surprised by all the things that make up their weight. In fact I think many parents were surprised by what I said. 

So this December give yourself the gift of a smashed scale. Have a scale smashing party(Alone or with others) and celebrate the freedom of not weighing yourself.  

Now does anyone have any ideas for getting them out of stores???  My desire to be a 3 year old and just swipe the shelves of them at stores will likely get me arrested so that’s not the best option I guess.  

Until next time be unapologetically you while I be unapologetically me