On the first (3rd) day of the holidays....

On the first day of the holidays the unapologetically me RD gave to me....(ok it’s the third day but I’m never on time for anything)...permission to eat free-ly  

Ok. So my rhyming skills are not the strongest. And truly I can’t wave a wand to bestow total permission to eat but if I could I would wrap it up in shimmery blue paper with a sparkly silver bow and deliver to the world. Recently I was a holiday party and someone made a comment of not eating all day to “save up” for the party foods. This is not giving yourself permission to eat what you love.  This is depriving yourself of the food that you needed during the day in order to eat something that you likely enjoy but still have some fear around. Individuals can compensate in many different ways- whether it be restricting the day of the party or the day after. Figuring out how much you need to exercise the next day to “work it off” ( can we please rid the earth of those stupid charts- one serving of nacho dip with 8 nacho chips needs xx amount of exercise to burn off). 

So this holiday season pick a gathering- one where you feel comfortable and happy ( if there is one I realize that is not the case for many over the holidays) and give yourself permission to enjoy the foods there without guilt or shame. Try being mindful with your food. Maybe step away from a conversation to take a bite of what you have on your plate. Or block out Aunt So and So as she is explaining in great detail her rock garden. And take a bite.   Experience the flood of flavours in your mouth. Think of how nourishing it is to eat something you truly enjoy without the calculator in your brain telling your how to work it off. Try to stay present when eating- distraction leads to not tasting or enjoying our foods.  

Doing this might help you enjoy the party you are at. Or if nothing else it will help reduce some of the stress you might feel going into and coming out of it.  Take some time to enjoy the garlic feta dip (OMG I love this dip) or what ever you choose. Enjoy the flavours without your planned punishment. 

This holiday give yourself the gift of freedom. Give yourself the gift eating freely. Give the most important person in your life (you... that’s you!  Honest) a gift that can help you on your journey to food peace and body acceptance.  

Until next time be unapologetically you while I be unapologetically me