NOURISHED CIRCLE 1-DAY BODY IMAGE RETREAT FOR REGISTERED DIETITIANS- closed now but registration for another will be available in the future!

Learn, refresh and start your weekend at a body image retreat in the country!

This retreat is designed for Registered Dietitians who are looking to learn, expand and recharge with like minds and want to help clients and patients struggling with body image.

Who says RDs can't help clients nurture a self-compassionate body image?!

You can and you will, with a little added support and resources, we will show you how to improve your confidence and skills so you feel competent to help your clients flourish.

Join our Nourished Circle, explore Mindfulness and Body Image with:

Kori Kostka, Registered Dietitian of Nourished Body


Lori Short Zamudio, Registered Dietitian of UnapologeticallyMeRD

Participants can expect:

  • be around and meet "your people"

  • learn and recharge in a supportive, brave space

  • how and why we need to bring body image into the room

  • explore assessment tools and screening tools for colleagues

  • using the language (disease diagnosis, describing bodies with diagnosis, etc.)

  • body shaming & how to call out your clients and colleagues with awareness not judgement

What's included?

  • a certificate and receipt of attendance

  • LUNCH and yummy snacks (allergies and intolerances are welcomed)

  • workbook and take home handouts


Particpants can apply for the Allied Health Professional Development Fund for reimbursement.


PS- Kori and Lori are pretty funny, engaging and you'll love how every element of the retreat is designed with wellness, minduflness and body image, including the menu, venue and the content.