I'm hungry. Like truly hungry. The hunger that makes my tummy rumble, everything smell yummy and distracts my thoughts. The hunger that would make "hangry" seem like a happier option.

Hunger is a biological drive to tell our bodies we need to eat. That we have gone too long without supporting our bodies with the energy they need. That our cells need nourishment. That if we don't eat soon our bodies will actually wait until the earth is quiet and unleash a loud enough rumble to let everyone know we need food. Yet hunger is something we feel we should control. Some people fear hunger. Fear giving into it. Fear what it means about them. When I was younger-about the time I started to be conscious of weight- I used to lie about being hungry at school. I would have a weird sense of pride in pushing that feeling down and saying "no snack today I'm not hungry". It was something I only did in front of my peer group never really at home or with family. Now I have learned to listen to my body. It is amazing what can happen when you become more in tune with your body, with your hunger cues. I eat when I'm hungry- when possible certain work situations don't allow eating right at the exact moment I realize I'm hungry but I give my body what it needs when I can.  It's freeing to take a breath decide what I want to eat, no rules no judgement and just eat. As a dietitian I often feel people look at what I eat and make judgement. Am I eating "healthy" enough for my profession. What kind of RD eats French fries for lunch and appears to enjoy them??I eat for me and my body. And tonight I want oatmeal with raisins and maple syrup. So that is what I shall have. Unapologetically 

until next time be unapologetically you while I be unapologetically me