You judge me by my size do you??

Admittedly this was likely too quick to include a Star Wars reference but hey this is me...all of me and Star Wars runs supreme in this household.  

Although Yoda was talking about his height when he says " You judge me by my size do you?" this is a statement that I think many people can relate to.  In today's world assumptions on health are often based on body size and shape.  It is assumed that larger bodied people are lazy or overeat or "don't take care of themselves".  This is often not the case. They may be living in bodies that showing the effects of medications or disease or effects of years of chronic dieting.  Yet the point is that you do not know why their body is this shape.   In my personal experience I have been questioned about my "dietetic intelligence" because I am not ... well I am not sure what size I am expected to be but apparently I am not the right size.  I have had clients in the past flat out ask for the "thinner dietitian down the hall" as they might be a better help.  Seriously!  My body is my body.  It is the size that it is because I am genetically built this way.  It fluctuates a bit in size depending on whether I am running or not ( a post for another day) and the season, and whether I am getting enough sleep and for many other reasons but I can honestly tell you that it does not fluctuate based on how smart I am that day. My degree does not have my weight or my measurements on the back- it does however show that I worked very hard to earn these letters after my name.

I think we are often our own hardest critiques.  Some people judge their worth by the numbers they see on a scale or the size of the jeans they put on that morning.  You are so much more than that.  You are thoughts and ideas and promises and hopes and dreams.  You are someones role model, you are someones idol.  You are you...not a number, not a size, not an apple or a pear.  Your body is your earth suit.  Take good care of it.  Move it in ways that bring you joy, nourish it in ways that that make you feel good and if you can't love your earth suit yet start to acknowledge that it does some amazing things.

Yoda is only 2ft, 2inches tall and he helped take down an Empire...imagine what you can do if you let go of the negative dialogue in your head and move to the Light Side.

Go be unapologetically you....   until next time.... I'll be unapologetically me...